What if you could express your brand's mission through a work of art?   What if you could do this while engaging and supporting youth?

Diglosis is an art production studio that creates commissioned works of art for your brand, capturing your ethos in a public-facing fine art installation.  We work with teams of youth, eager to translate your mission into a high quality artwork. This provides youth the opportunity to develop professional skills, real world experience, and receive compensation.

Brooke Borg and Stefanie Singer, two professional artists each with over ten years of experience in education, lead these youth teams in the creation of the artwork. They consult with you every step of the way and open up their studio space to ensure that the artwork meets your vision.  

A Diglosis Partnership offers:

  • Strategic youth team-building.  Your sponsorship ensures youth mentorship, professional development and accountability.
  • Collaborative concept development with your team.  Immerse us in your brand and we create public, immersive art.
  • Studio visits. You see the work in progress and interact with youth during production.
  • Exhibit space scouting.  We seek a public space to exhibit artwork with your company's branded content.
  • Documentation of art-making. Behind-the-scenes media that speaks to your social responsibility.
  • Fine art installation.  A unique art experience for the public that represents your brand.