Keep them interested, ensure their success.

With a Diglosis work-study, youth are compensated for their work and practice real-world success in a New York City artist studio, with business and arts professionals.

Through the Diglosis work-study program, youth get hands-on engagement with inter-disciplinary art techniques while developing critical 21st century skills for post-secondary success.  We partner with socially responsible, sustainable brands that prioritize community development and well-being.  Our studio also provides a break from the school building, allowing for creative avenues of thought and dialogue.  It is a safe, collaborative after-school space for self-expression and exploration.

Our artist team of Brooke Borg and Stefanie Singer each have over ten years experience as educators in NYC public schools and abroad. We accompany our young participants every step of the way as they build creative and business relationships with professionals who promote sustainability and ethical enterprise.  With the completion of each project, students will receive a monetary reward, letters of recommendation, and will remain connected to our organization partners for potential future opportunities.

Our unique pedagogy values process and discussion, and is determined to position students for academic and professional success. 

  • Public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Group work.
  • Accountability.
  • Exhibition of work in a public space.
  • Mentorship and professional relationships.
  • Monetary reward.
  • Fun, simply. 

Recommend a young person. Let’s speak about which future leaders, artists, thinkers, and empaths can benefit from a Diglosis work-study.

We would love to meet them.